A Piece of Home

I have only lived in California for three months now, but three months is far too long without some Chayole (pronounced 'shell' with a southern accent) in my life. When I lived in Michigan, this girl spent every single weekend at my apartment without fail. She would pack an endless, Mary Poppins-esque, bag of clothes and come over immediately after work on Friday and stay until late Sunday. She's the kind of girl who doesn't care what the plans are – she's always down for anything as long as she's with the ones she loves. I really love that about her.

Venice, Califorinia - Michelle Essenburg, Kayley Elder

Michelle bought her ticket to California a month after I moved out here and we have counted down the days until she would be here ever since. Moving away from everyone and everything I knew and loved in Michigan has been slightly harder than expected, but having Chayole here has given me the most comforting piece of home.

Slurpee, Michelle Essenburg, Kayley Elder
California Girl Style, Michelle Essenburg

On her last night in California, we took Michelle to our favorite little beach in Corona Del Mar. We dipped our toes in the pacific and we danced, laughed, and waited for the sun to set.